About Me

Welcome to my oasis, a place where you can forget about the world and be fully with me. I command you to forget about you problems and entertain your deepest and darkest desires. Together we can reach a place of pure joy. I am focused to make you fulfill your potential as a slave.

Our sessions will be tailored to your desires. Dream big and we can create what you so desire. If you haven't got that innate desire or longing for something that is also fine. I will be able to assess you and see what I professionally see you require. Servitude is a must, obedience is a given and pleasure is to be expected.

If you are new to this world or have not had a session with me before that is fine. I welcome all people into my oasis.

For those who have not had the pleasure to spend time with me before let me give you a glimpse of my world.

I am Queen Melissa, you will address me as Mistress Melissa. You can come over to my studio where it is set up for you to enjoy some of my favorite things. Alternatively I can travel to you, please be in a secure location, either hotel or apartment. Once you arrive you can expect to be tested to your limits and reap great rewards if you are loyal and subservient.

So what does Mistress Melissa like ? I like all things sensual, I love power and control and I will always have this over you. Latex and heels are my favourite, when I slip into my shinny catsuit and favourite pair of Louboutin's I own you! I enjoy nothing more than being latex clad and fucking you in the ass while watching you beg for forgiveness as you reach ever closer to climax. For those of you that like golden or brown showers, I am your mistress, let me prepare for your humiliation, the ideal time to visit is mid-day to taste the sweet excrement of me, I trust you will feel even more worthless than you did before meeting me. You will be begging to come back for more.

I welcome people of all races and denominations. Personally I speak both fluent English and Mandarin. So for those coming from overseas come and try this oriental delight on your short stay and be sure to return home with fond memories. For those of you slaves more local, come and join my stables, if you prove yourself you maybe become one of my long term slaves and receive special treatment like all my special slaves.